about Ametheus.in

Ametheus.in is India’s 1st rice exclusive portal powered by Ametheus Commodities Pvt Ltd a concern of BlackTiger Corporation. Ametheus.in has always been passionate about delivering a rich variety of quality Indian Basmati & Non-Basmati Rice to shoppers in India and beyond. Today, Ametheus.in incorporates an online rice market bursting with authentic Indian Rice Brands. Feel free to browse through and compare different rice brand options. Ametheus.in is offering following varieties of rice in different brands, blend and packages.

Basmati Rice

  • 1401 Steam, 1401 Sella,
  • 1121 Raw, 1121 Steam, 1121 Golden Sella,
  • 1121 Creamy Sella,
  • 1509 Raw, 1509 Steam, 1509 Golden Sella,
  • 1509 Creamy Sella,
  • 370 Raw, 370 Steam, 370 White Sella, 370 Golden Sella,
  • Pusa Steam, PusaGgolden Sella, Pusa Creamy Sella,
  • Sharbati Steam, Sharbati Golden Sella,
  • Sharbati Creamy Sella,
  • Sugandha Raw, Sugandha Steam, Sugandha Golden Sella, Sugandha Creamy Sella,

Basmati Brokens: Mogra, Dubar, Tibar,                

Non-Basmati Long Grain Rice: 

  • IR 64 Raw, IR 64 Parboiled, 
  • IR 36 Raw, IR 36 Parboiled,
  • IR 8 Raw, IR 8 Parboiled,
  • PR 11 Raw, PR 11 Parboiled,
  • PR 47 Raw, PR 47 Parboiled
  • Banskati Parboiled, Miniket Parboiled

Non-Basmati Short Grain Rice:

  • Swarna Raw, Swarna Parboiled,
  • Sona Masoori Steam, R-2022 Kranti Steam (Idli Rice),

Aerometric Rice: Gobindobhog, Tulaipanji