Processed dal are obtained from raw pulses after sorting, cleaning, conditioning, grading, bagging and sometimes dehusking and splitting them. Ametheus Commodities (P) Ltd. is one of the prominent pulses suppliers for wholesalers and retailers. We offer hygienically cleaned, sortexed quality processed pulses that are prepared using best technology. The ready-to-cook utility of processed dal makes them ideal for use in various food preparations.


We offer quality and well-cleaned raw pulses that are available with natural characteristics. A wide variety of raw pulses of various origins are available with Ametheus. Cultivated using best farming practices, each grain is allowed to reach its optimal maturity before harvesting. The crops are sufficiently dried before undergoing the threshing process to obtain the grains, i.e. the raw pulses. The grains, thus obtained are sent for pre-cleaning and drying so that it can be kept in storage until it is sent for further processing. This is how we bring wholesome, odourless and market quality raw pulses for food processors, commercial millers of pulses and requirements from other agro-food industries.